Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. Lou's Challenge is back in Portland and it's better than ever

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

For more information on Dr. Lou's 2011 Weight Loss Challenge call (207) 774-6251 or email

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials for Dr. Lou's 2010 weight loss challenge have started popping up on

Visit youtube and type in "susan maxwell" or "ellie chase" and you will see where to click! If you were in the challenge and have not yet written or filmed a testimonial and would like to, let us know. We're ready to get your video online!

Thank you for making a difference in your own lives.

Stay tuned for 2011 challenge info!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Congratulations Ed!

Ed Oakes, Jr. Winner of the 2010 "Dr. Lou's Weight Loss Challenge" collecting his check for $2,050. Ed lost over 19% of his body weight and completely transformed his body and lifestyle.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenges, Sportsmanship and Adulthood.

Dr. Lou's Weight loss Challenge is a competition. For some it is a competition with themselves, for some with the other participants. Either way as adults we should accept responsibility for our performance. Being a competition, there will be winners and losers. Just like in kindergarten kick ball games, one team won, the other lost. We learned back then to enjoy the game, have fun and if you lose, try harder next time. Shake the hands of the members of the other team and say "good game". I have received a few correspondences that have been rather shocking. Grown adults disappointed that they did not win and blaming everyone but themselves. The winner was the winner because he did the best job. I understand that everyone tried really hard but the winner is not chosen based on effort, the winner is chosen based on results. Try harder next time. The results were close. There were a number of people within ten pounds of winning or an extra couple trips to the gym each week.

Here is my recommendation. Win next year. Have a great attitude and recognize that losing weight and getting in shape adds years to your life and will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your life. I understand that many of you wanted to win the money. The $2k pales in comparison to the money you'll save on healthcare. Those of you who weighed in last Friday did incredible jobs. I am sorry that not everyone can win money, but you all won if you think about the positive changes that took place over the past three months.

I put on this challenge every year to help people. Just to help people. As we were told as children, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." If the idea of not winning is too crushing a concept for you to handle, choose another reason to compete, like getting healthy or don't compete at all.

I sincerely regret if you were one of the folks who feels that the results were not fair or cannot find any good that has come out of the process for you. But the numbers don't lie and neither do the pictures.

The majority of you had wonderful attitudes and I thank you for your sportsmanship and commitment to the cause, not the money.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010 TOP TEN

1. Ed Oakes Jr. lost 19.05%
2. Susan Maxwell lost 17.22%
3. Ray Ross lost 17.03 %
4. Kevin Megin lost 16.57%
5. Michelle Ritcheson lost 16.23 %
6. Scot Seltzer lost 14%
7. Jeff Ball lost 12.55%
8. Angela Oakes lost 12.22%
9. Eric Elias lost 11.76%
10. Elizabeth Burke lost 10.33%



And The Winner is......

The winner of Dr. Lou's 2010 weight loss challenge is Ed Oakes Jr.!

Ed lost over 50 lbs and over 19% of his total starting body weight.

Like winners of the past, Ed undeniably won both categories to secure the entirety of the winnings.

I would like to thank and congratulate all of the participants in this years challenge. You all did an amazing job. Stay tuned for pictures, a list of the top 10 finishers and other exciting news!

Friday, April 2, 2010

And the winner.......

.........The winner will be called tomorrow morning at 10 am sharp.

Great work all of you! I was impressed beyond words with your results.


We finished weighing the record number of people who showed up to weigh out at 1pm. I've never been as impressed as I am this year. I was blown away by people's results. Everyone that weighed out clearly tried very hard and the effort put in, paid off.

The top 5 finishers lost a total of 226.6 lbs.

The top 10 finishers lost a total of 377.4 lbs.

There are six pack abs that are no longer hidden and single chins where once there were three.

Most people had to bring a change of clothes because their weigh in clothes were falling off their bones.

The winner has not yet been determined but they will be contacted as soon as the numbers are done being calculated this evening.

Great work everybody!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

STRESS: Portrait of a Killer

On April 19 we will be showing the National Geographic Special "Stress: Portrait of a Kiler" at the office. This is not a weight loss challenge event but we would like to invite participants to this private viewing of the documentary.
Snacks and beverages will be served. Registration is required by calling 774-6151 (SPINAL 1).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weigh Out 2010

Next Friday, April 2nd is our 2010 weigh out! Remember to wear the same clothes that you wore on January 2nd!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fat Analyzer

Dr. Lou's weight loss challenge has recently purchased a fat loss analyzer. Come in to find out your percentage of body fat & BMI.

The Omron fat analyzer is surprisingly accurate. My BMI was calculated at my annual checkup and the machine was exactly right.

Call to schedule a time to check your numbers! The test takes less than 10 minutes.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Uh Oh, I smell February & it stinks

February is here and it looks like history is repeating itself.
Every year people start to fall apart in February. Last Thursday Erin McCall gave a fantastic talk. The list of participants was HUGE. Class was full- on paper.

1/2 of the people who signed up, showed up.

This is unfortunate. Now is not the time to slack off, fall off the wagon or lose sight of the goal of this challenge. LOSE WEIGHT, GET HEALTHY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. Whether you are doing it for the money or not, there is still over $2,000 on the line!

It's not too late to recommit if you are slipping. Call me and I will help.
If you are scheduled for a class. Come. If you are not, call (207) SPINAL 1 and get on the list.

~Dr. Lou

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Class This Thursday!

Erin McCall this Thursday at 6:30

Having day to day struggles with your weight loss? Erin can help! This class is full, but please call 774-6251 to be put on the waiting list!

See you there!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MOVIE NIGHT- March 1st

The March 1st Movie has been chosen!

The movie is called "FAT: What no one is telling you"
The program is 90 minutes long and will begin promptly at 6:30. If you cannot make it, please call and open your reservation to someone else.

Please Post!

If you have co-op, farm or other local food vendors and deliver services that you think others in the challenge would like to know about, help your fellow challengers as well as the local farmers and post the name and website/phone number of the services that you use!

Keep up the great work!

Week # 3

How is your progress? Feeling accomplished or disappointed and unmotivated?
What is holding you back? Are you tired? Are you in pain? Are you lacking the equipment you need? Do you need more accountability?

If you need a boost, give us a call. Whether you need coaching, need a referral to a gym or trainer, we can help. If you haven't been to any of our classes yet, that will help fuel your motivation and enthusiasm. You have to maintain momentum and we are here for you.

The next class is on February 4th with Erin McCall, O.T.
See you there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goal Setting With Dr. Lou

If you are coming to tonight's class, you may want to bring a pad of paper or notebook. An outline will be provided but you may want something else to write on. Pens will be provided should you forget yours. See you tonight and get ready to get ready!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Make that $2,050

oops, the actual prize money is $2,050. I guess that's why I'm a doctor and not a mathematician.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


With $2,000 in prize money, it's time to get fired up! Good luck to all and I'll see you Monday night. Dr. Lou's weight loss challenge is closed for weigh ins and the race is on. If your friends missed their chance to join, we are already planning 2011 to be even bigger than this year!

$1,800 and 2 hours to go!

We need 8 more challengers to reach $2,000 in prize money.
Spread the word!

**Note about tonight's movie. We have water, tea and little lads herbal popcorn. If you want to bring your own snacks, please feel more than welcome to do so.

See you tonight!

$1,700 and 3 hours to go!

The weigh in is closed at 6pm. This is the last chance for your friends, family and co workers to have a shot at the $1,700+ that is the prize money to the winner of both categories. $1,700 is a lot of money for doing what most people "plan" on doing anyway. See you tonight.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Lou Jacobs will show you the money

Dr. Lou's Weight Loss Challenge is ramping up. Dr. Lou Jacobs is going to hand over a huge chunk of change to the grand prize winner of this years challenge. Thursday the 7th is the last day to weigh in.


$1,525 and counting!

Healthy Devil

Need more motivation to be informed and healthy? Visit for a fairly regular dose of "reality check." Healthy devil is the more critical, less filtered, much harder kick in the pants than you'll see on this page. It's not just weight loss either, it's the works. If you have a hard time accepting the truth, don't visit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

$1,475 to date, 2 more days of weighing in to go!

We're about to break the 60 challenger mark! At 59 competitors, we have $1,475 in potential winnings for a grand prize winner. With two more days for people to weigh in and a little help from those of you watching this site we could get to $2,000 by Thursday. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, dentist, teacher. Anyone who wants to improve their health this year should join. Thursday is the absolute end of the line for weighing in.

Jon Frothingham is speaking as I type and if you aren't here, you missing out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tell Channel 6 about your weight loss story!

Tell channel 6 about your weight loss story! Don't forget to tell them how you plan to win the $1,350+ in my 2010 challenge!

$1,350 and counting

Keep sending in your friends, family and co-workers! Someone is going to win BIG. More people means more money and more fun.

Keep up the great work everyone & see you @ tomorrow's class. If you are not already signed up, call (207) SPINAL 1 to sign up. Jon Frothingham of Natural Fitness is going to get your wheels rolling.

Class starts at 6:30. If you are signed up but can't make it, call to take your name off the list please, we have people wanting to come. The class is full!

$1,250 and counting

The potential prize money has reached a milestone. Last year's winner took home $1,125, this year's grand prize winner will take home at least $1,225.

The 2011 dates have already been set. Next year is going to blow the doors off this year. Dr. Lou's weight loss challenge already has Maine's biggest weight loss challenge payout. Start telling your friends....By 2015 we want 1,000 participants & $25,000 to the winner!

**grand prize = winning both categories!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

OVER $1,100 in prize money already!

Despite the weather we had enough participants in the challenge brave the roads to weigh in today to break the $1,000 mark. With several people contacting me saying they'll come in next week, this is going to be our biggest year yet! Tell your friends, family and co-workers that it's not too late to weigh in! The more entries, the greater the glory for the winner.

People can weigh in during our regular office hours, monday through thursday. For hours, go to


Weigh in today between 10 and 1. We're here and we look forward to meeting the MOST COMMITTED today. If you can't make it today, we'll see you next week.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Weigh-in Alternative dates

Due to an overwhelming concern about the weather Dr. Lou's weight loss challenge will be offering alternative dates for weighing in. Those who choose to weigh in late will be at a disadvantage to those who weigh in today, January 2nd.

You may weigh in anytime between January 4th and January 7th. You must come in between 9 and 1 or 3-6. Other than the weigh in time, all other rules remain the same. There are even fewer excuses than before. If not now, when?

Get ready to get skinny.